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Design Ride driver Nico: "Every year in October, I take one week off"

25 October 2023

© Renault Design Rides - DDW23 -
In his daily life, Nico delivers medication to people's homes and healthcare institutions, such as nursing homes and pharmacies, to ensure they’re never without the medicines they need. But there's one week each year when Nico takes on a different role: a driver during Dutch Design Week (DDW). Nico, over to you:

Nine years of Design Rides

"This year marks my ninth year already. My brother-in-law participated from the very beginning when the first Design Rides started. The locations became further apart, which created a need for new transport options during DDW. 'You enjoy driving, it's fun: it's perfect for you!' he always said. But it didn't align with my job at the time. Then, when I was out of work for a few months, I joined, and I've stayed on since then. When I started with my new employer, I told him: I'd love to work here, but on one condition - I want one week off every year in October."

The DDW Oasis

"As a Design Ride driver, it's always a surprise who you'll get in the car, and where they come from. It's very enjoyable and convivial, and adds a touch of excitement. I also notice that Design Rides serve as a little oasis for visitors. A moment to sit and relax travel from one location to another."

Significant Developments

"Since last year, I've been the driver for Miriam van der Lubbe (the creative head of Dutch Design Week). Miriam was looking for someone available all nine days. It was a great experience for both of us the first year, so I'm doing it again this year."

© Renault Design Rides - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

"This year's electric Renault Megane is a fine car. It's higher, making it easy to get in and out. That's quite convenient. I also like to try out all the car's technology, and you can see there's been significant development. The panoramic sunroof is a real luxury. The company car I usually drive doesn't have that!"

The Philosophy Behind the Design

"For example, when Miriam attends an event, it sometimes gives me time to see projects myself, which is great! I've already visited the Van Abbemuseum, Microlab, and the Koelhuis– this experience is quite unique - you change your shoes for boots and walk right into the water. I’ve seen some really interesting projects! It's always enjoyable to see their diversity and the philosophy behind them."