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Dutch Design Week | Day 6

25 October 2023

© Canal - Kiki & Joost - DDW23 - Nick Bookelaar
Haven't truly delved into the vibrant world of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023? Grab your umbrella and let's turn day six of DDW into your personal design odyssey! Uncover your absolute must-dos, unveil exhibition tips, and immerse yourself in the cozy DDW ambiance.

Happening at 26 October

DDW at Night

© interCHANGES - Fifth NRE - DDW23 - Boudewijn Bollmann

Hidden gem

  • Station area - Spoor K | Transnatural | Radical City inc.
    The Radical City inc. exhibition gives shape to a new climate-proof and nature inclusive city. Artists, designers and architects challenge conservative notions of city life and explore different routes to a new, future-oriented urban landscape.
© Centre - Domusdela - i29 Architects - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

Get cozy with a delightful treat

Fancy a little warm-up? Savor a steaming cup of tea, coffee, or pamper yourself with a snug serving of hot chocolate. Or are you in the mood for a delicious lunch or a lavish dinner to digest those design doses, fresh ideas, and heaps of new inspiration? There is plenty to choose from in Eindhoven!

Discover food & drinks

© Canal - NRE - NUL ZES - Nick Bookelaar

Discover Woensel

The lively Woensel-West is sure to surprise you this DDW! Curious about what else awaits you there? Make sure to explore the complete programme of the Woensel Area.

Watch the area recap video

Let’s vote!

Admire all the winning and nominated designs at the exhibition in Microlab and make sure to cast your vote for your favorite before it is too late. Tomorrow is the very last day to vote for the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) Public Award!

Discover the DDA Exhibition
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