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Dutch Design Week | Day 8

27 October 2023

© Station - Stationshal - MESSMERIZING - DDW23 - Almicheal Fraay
The very last weekend of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023 is about to strut its stuff! Get ready for two more days brimming with fresh ideas, innovations, and visions from over 2000 designers.

Happening on 28 October

© Sectie-C - DDW23 - Mark Bolk

Hidden gem

  • Strijp-S area - Microlab | Heiter X | Terra Firma
    Feeling peckish for a snack? Terra Firma and Mound Collection engage visitors in dialogues around sustainable choices in food and design, offering a multi-layered experience that intersects art and environmental mindfulness.
© Strijp-R - Piet Hein Eek - DDW23 - Tommy Köhlbrugge

Discover Hallenweg and West

Today, it's a two-for-one deal in our area recap. We'll take you through some highlights of Hallenweg Area and West Area, but there's still much more to discover. Check out the full programme of Hallenweg and West so you won't miss a thing.

Watch the area recap video

© West - Evoluon - DDW23 -

Free tour: Introduction on Dutch Design Week

Are you eager to explore DDW and all its wonders? We have a special tour just for you. Join us tomorrow for an exclusive guided tour of the introductory exhibition at the Klokgebouw and the adjacent Ketelhuisplein.

Don't miss out, sign up!

© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Introduction on DDW - DDW23 - Max Kneefel

What if… decommissioning a wind farm becomes a gold mine of resources?

A decommissioned wind farm starting a new life in a different guise with the help of smart, creative designers? We are taking on the challenge!

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