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Dutch Design Week | Day 9

28 October 2023

© Centre - Van Abbemuseum - DDW23 - Almicheal Fraay - Maikel Jay
It's now or never: tomorrow is the very last day of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023. Defy the rain and indulge in one last day of all exhibitions, events, and creative wonders that DDW has to offer. See you tomorrow!

Happening on 29 October

Hidden gem

  • West area - Plan-B | HongKai Li | SEE through COLOURS
    When did we tie colors to race and gender? Society labels us at birth, but choices help recognition. “SEE through COLOURS” is a collection that tries to use colours and silhouettes in garments to blur the boundaries between races and genders.
© Canal - NRE - DDW23 - Nick Bookelaar

Discover the canal area

Need some inspiration for the very last day of DDW? You're in luck because in this area recap, we'll take you to the canal area. Want to explore the complete programme there?

Watch the area recap video

© Canal - NulZes - Thier & Van Daalen - DDW23 - Nick Bookelaar

Design in the comfort of your own home

Picture this: iconic design by designers exhibiting at DDW…in your own home! DDW and Catawiki join forces to celebrate design with an online auction. Make sure to act swiftly: the auction's final day is tomorrow, 29 October. 

Discover the auction

© Canal - Aptum - DDW23 - Nick Bookelaar

The winner is…

This week the winner of arguably the most important award was announced: The Public Award of Dutch Design Awards. On Thursday Bosk by Arcadia, Gemeente Leeuwarden and Bruno Doedens was announced as the public’s favourite. 

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© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Hal1 - SecridTalentPodium - DDW23 - Cleo Goossens