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Dutch Design Foundation presents MISSION CLUB

27 October 2023

Business Club launch - DDW23 -
"Change is a contact sport. An interplay between governments, the market and designers. A year-long process of seeking each other out, experimentation and even a bit of conflict. Change only works if companies dare to be open to it, and designers delve into those companies with full conviction."

With those words, Martijn Paulen (Director) opened the launch of Dutch Design Foundations’ brand new Mission Club on Wednesday 25 October in Eindhoven, presented by Marsha Simon.  


The Mission Club is a place where inquisitive companies, governments and other organisations can get acquainted with the design community, and where, conversely, designers acquaint themselves with Dutch Design Foundation's business network. This creates connections between organisations and designers keen to collaborate on urgent issues. This can be achieved in all kinds of ways: material studies, visualisations of complex issues, and even new forms of catering or process support for major strategic questions. Many Dutch Design Foundation activities come together in the Mission Club: What if Lab, World Design Embassies, expeditions and other avenues to enable the best possible matches to be made.