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Frans van Rooijen & Michael Sailer: “We must start using wood in a truly circular way. There’s no time to waste”

22 February 2024

Frans van Rooijen & Michael Sailer - Funghi Force - Secrid © Anouk Moerman
Wood is a beautiful natural product, but once cut it needs protection against weather conditions. We paint, varnish or impregnate wood to make it weather-proof, but these products mainly consist of chemicals. As a result, the wood cannot be recycled, and toxic substances end up in our natural environment.
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Entrepreneur Frans van Rooijen and scientist Dr. Michael Sailer are launching a varnish, Funghi Force, made from natural raw materials. Harmless funghi, together with linseed oil, form a natural protective layer against sun and water. The bio finish can repair itself when damaged via an organic process and is fully circular when it’s absorbed back into nature. 

Read the interview with Frans van Rooijen

Frans van Rooijen & Michael Sailer are part of a group of talented designers who were in the spotlight during Dutch Design Week 2023 at the Secrid Talent Podium in Klokgebouw, a collaboration between Secrid and Dutch Design Foundation.

In addition to the podium, each of the seven designers receives coaching and a monetary award. Thus, the Secrid Talent Podium supports talented designers in developing products that contribute to a sustainable future. We are building a movement that helps shift the industry's focus from producing more to producing better. Together, we believe in design as a force for good.