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Reinier Bosch & Marloes van Heteren: “Our current collection is a candy store of delights for architects and designers”

29 February 2024

Reinier Bosch & Marloes van Heteren - Solarix - Secrid © Anouk Moerman
Solar panels on roofs are usually unattractive and fail to provide enough power to achieve energy-neutral buildings and cities. Building façades offer a huge unutilized surface for capturing solar energy, but they also need to look attractive.
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Solarix evolved from the joint ambition of Reinier Bosch (product designer, artist) and Marloes van Heteren (architect). Solarix designs and produces aesthetic solar panels as façade cladding. With a unique colour technology, design collection and custom mounting system, their solar solution allows architects to freely design building façades. In this way they are bringing two markets together that normally operate completely independently of each other; the construction and solar industries.

Read the interview with Marloes van Heteren

Reinier Bosch and Marloes van Heteren are part of a group of talented designers who were in the spotlight during Dutch Design Week 2023 at the Secrid Talent Podium in Klokgebouw, a collaboration between Secrid and Dutch Design Foundation.

In addition to the podium, each of the seven designers receives coaching and a monetary award. Thus, the Secrid Talent Podium supports talented designers in developing products that contribute to a sustainable future. We are building a movement that helps shift the industry's focus from producing more to producing better. Together, we believe in design as a force for good.