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Plotting Bio Art & Design

06 March 2024

Reach - Karel van Laere © Alex Heuvink
This weekend MU Hybrid Art House is adding additional content and engaging depth to the exhibition Plotting Patterns and Portals with a public program consisting of lectures, film and workshops.

Evening of Close Encounters

Thursday 7 March

With their BAD Award-winning project Close Encounters with Inner Aliens Taiwanese social designer Hung Lu Chan and neuroscientists Floris de Lange, Floortje Bouwkamp and Matthias Ekman of Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour delve into the theme of inner alien encounters, utilizing fMRI and AI to analyze and explore our internal visual imagery of otherworldly realms.


Friday 8 March

Karel van Laere integrated his observations of surgeons using laparoscopic instruments into the multimedia artwork "Reach," where a team of artists works live with these instruments to make voices audible in continuous improvisation. His work places the human body at the forefront, always subject to the situation of the moment.


Sunday 10 March

How do we maintain a conversation in a divided world where differences seem to be growing? And how can we, despite the rapid pace of science, technology, and social media, adopt a flexible attitude where our opinions can and may change? Join as a duo in 'HAVE WE MET?' at MU Hybrid Art House. A place where the boundaries between different people, things, and ideas might soften a bit?



Sunday 10 March

re-c(O)unting explores the transformation of knowledge production, unveils the impact of transgenerational trauma, and deconstructs binaries between nature-technology, science-spirituality, and man-woman, with a focus on colonial history and medicine. The outcome: an essay film and intense live performance presented in an anatomical theatre installation, examining the body as an act of appropriation.

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