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Luisa Kahlfeldt: “We are working hard on building a community of conscious parents”

14 March 2024

Luisa Kahlfeldt - SumoBaby - Secrid © Anouk Moerman
In the EU alone, 10 million disposable diapers are thrown away every day and they take around 500 years to break down. The synthetic materials used are also not ideal for baby skin. Many parents are aware of the waste they create, but the alternatives are usually impractical or time-consuming. We spoke to Luisa about her love for good design, sustainability dilemmas and how even small changes in how we consume can make a big difference.

Luisa Kahlfeldt markets a high-performance diaper that reduces a baby's diaper use from about 5,000 to 25 diapers. The reusable Sumo diaper, including an easy solution for laundry, is attractively designed and much better for the care of the baby's bottom. 

Read the interview with Luisa Kahlfeldt

Luisa Kahlfeldt was one of the seven talented designers highlighted during Dutch Design Week 2023 at the Secrid Talent Podium in Klokgebouw, a collaboration between Secrid and Dutch Design Foundation.

In addition to the podium, each of the seven designers receives coaching and a monetary award. Thus, the Secrid Talent Podium supports talented designers in developing products that contribute to a sustainable future. We are building a movement that helps shift the industry's focus from producing more to producing better. Together, we believe in design as a force for good.