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30 May 2024

Design Tours - Strijp-S - Ketelhuisplein - DDW22 - ©
The Design Tours are live! Discover the design of the future and the future of design with your colleagues, clients, or organisation during a Design Tour at Dutch Design Week.

Be guided by an expert Design Guide and explore the latest developments. During Dutch Design Week, you’ll gain plenty of inspiration while strengthening your network. 

The Design Tours are divided into three categories:

  • Area Tours
    Would you like to explore a specific place, building, or area such as Sectie-C, Woensel, or the Klokgebouw? Choose an Area Tour. The Design Guides will take you through various projects at one location.

  • Mission Tours
    Are you interested in a particular theme such as circularity and material development, health and wellbeing, or what our digital future might look like? Dive deeper into one of the missions of Dutch Design Week with these tours.

  • Custom Tours
    ​​Discover the power of design in a fully personalised tour at Dutch Design Week. Tailored to your preferences and those of your colleagues, guests, or network, our programme team will select the most relevant projects, highlights, and locations.

Book the tours mentioned above even more easily through our booking system. See you at Dutch Design Week 2024!