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Your application for participation in DDW has been approved, and you’ve paid the invoice. Now it's time to find your ideal location for DDW. While finding a location is your own responsibility, we're more than happy to help if you need assistance.

Which locations can you choose from?

DDW locations

To assist you, we have compiled a list of locations that rent out square metres to participants. After your project is approved, you can view this location overview in the project application in your My DDW account.

Found a suitable location? Contact the location directly to secure a spot. Always share your project description and preferences to determine if there is enough space for the presentation you have in mind. Make clear agreements with the location, also regarding coordination with you and any other participants at this location.

Do you have a location that you want to make available during DDW? View the conditions here.

Klokgebouw, Ketelhuisplein and Microlab Hall

Our organisation manages the Microlab Hall, Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein locations on Strijp-S during DDW.

More information about the Klokgebouw
More information about the Ketelhuisplein
More information about the Microlab Hall

Would you like to exhibit here? Mention 'Microlab Hall', 'Klokgebouw' or 'Ketelhuisplein' in the 'Location' section when registering your project via your My DDW account.

You will be informed by the programme team if they think your project is suitable for the respective location. If they feel their location is not the most ideal for your project, you will also be notified, and you can approach another location from the list.

Already have a location?

Ask the location manager to register the location in My DDW or do it yourself if it is your own studio or atelier–in this case, you are not only a participant but also the location manager. To register, go to the dashboard within My DDW, click on the 'Locations' section, and fill in the location form.

Have you found a location? Let us know!

Once you have agreed a location, inform us where you will be exhibiting via your My DDW account under the 'Submit Location' section.


As a participant, you need to determine whether you need a permit for your preferred location. If you do, please notify DDW before 1 June. Additionally, you must start the permit application process before 1 June.

More information about permits