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Business partner

As a business partner, you position your brand or organisation for broad visibility and involvement during DDW. And thanks to your contribution, we can implement various programmes that offer designers and their projects a platform. There is a select choice of features from DDW.

Business partners receive an extensive and customised package of communication options, DDW tickets, and Design Tours. We adapt this package to your liking based on the programme you join. We also offer opportunities to connect you to the other labels of the Dutch Design Foundation. This allows you to give the collaboration even more visibility and substantive depth.

Would you like more information about business partnerships?

At Dutch Design Foundation, we leverage designers' problem-solving skills to help create a better world. We firmly believe that enhancing society's design capabilities contributes to a more sustainable future for everyone. This is crucial because, collectively, we have created a society that is cracking and straining in critical areas. And the design field is not without blame.

The societal challenges we encounter are huge, requiring fundamental systemic changes. We believe we must collaborate with ‘influencers’ - those capable of changing the system - to address these challenges. These entities, like us, share the ambition to tackle significant societal issues through design expertise. They are our partners in profound, investigative, and (re)design pursuits to transform and remodel critical issues such as sustainability, nitrogen pollution, general well-being, diversity, inclusion, equity, energy, and food.

Along with our partners we continuously evaluate  our collective capabilities to assess, action, and execute our critical work towards change. Moreover, our partnerships must set agendas, not just follow a predetermined path, which we believe is crucial for change.

Partnerships enable us to discover how best to harness design expertise within systemic organisations to create meaningful societal impact. Additionally, as a non-profit entity, our business partners offer invaluable support to the Dutch Design Foundation.

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