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DDW Talks-partner

DDW wants to provide a platform, connect, offer content, and broaden horizons: from conceptual to concrete design and from an individual and social perspective.

DDW Talks as well as associated design routes through Eindhoven offer unique perspectives on the diverse world of design. Innovators, speculators, artists, and creators are given a platform. In the room, you will find a wide network of business professionals attracted by the specific topics.
Every talk connects 3 partnerships:
  1. Business partner: contributes both substantively and financially.
  2. Media partner: contributes both substantively and in the field of (social) media.
  3. Programme partner: contributes substantively as a participant in DDW22.

We choose these 3 partners from expertise that match the topic of the talk. The aim is to connect the different areas of work. Curious about what the talks look like? Watch the DDW Talks 2021.

Would you like more information about DDW Talks partnerships?