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thonik designs new identity Dutch Design Week

25 March 2021

For a new identity for the festival, Dutch Design Week (DDW) has joined forces with the Amsterdam agency thonik.

For a new identity for the festival, Dutch Design Week (DDW) has joined forces with the Amsterdam agency thonik, founded by designers Nikki Gonnissen and Thomas Widdershoven. The festival is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year and, together with thonik, is looking for a style that unites continuity and change. A brand identity that uses the same basic elements but that moves with the time. Just like the festival.

In the coming period, thonik and DDW will work on the development of the new brand identity, which will be based on two pillars: continuity and innovation. It will be a style that respectfully builds on the past, but also one that leaves room for the times and an ever-changing content, theme and context. 'This is a spectacular challenge in the heart of the Dutch design world,' says Thomas Widdershoven (thonik founder). 'We are going to make a design based on the rich stories of DDW: in text, image and interaction. We are really looking forward to working with the DDW team.'
Why thonik?
Based on the long-standing relationship between the two parties, DDW deliberately chose not to issue the assignment as a broad pitch but to partner directly with thonik. According to the organisation, the design agency is one of the best agencies in the world and has a distinctive visual voice and portfolio. Mark de Greeff, CMO at DDW confirms this: 'thonik has been involved with DDW for many years now. That combined with the fact that we consider them to be one of the best graphic design agencies we know, makes this a natural choice that feels good.'
Furthermore, DDW's digital platform will remain in the trusted hands of Vruchtvlees Digital Strategy & Design. 'This means that we have two of the Netherlands' top agencies on board," says De Greeff.
The design process in words
The design process will be closely followed by independent brand and design strategist
Roel Stavorinus. He will write in-depth articles to provide insight into the process, the choices that need to be made and gradually share more of the brand identity. Culminating in October with DDW: featuring a topical theme, a new programme and a style that clearly refers to the past but looks to the future.

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