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Kiki - Coachella 2022 returns with installations by Kiki van Eijk

21 April 2022

Kiki van Eijk is the first Dutch visual artist to have been commissioned a large-scale installation at Coachella.

Under the title of BUOYED she designed three large scale sculptures almost 7x12 meters tall, coming to life after two years of planning. The three totems have been designed to mix different cultural identities and iconographies, emphasizing that diversity is a powerful force when embraced. Mixing Asian architectural references with Dutch windmills, and Arctic Igloos with tropical leaves, Kiki van Eijk builds her fantastical islands of connectedness and safe territories of peace. 

We are living in extraordinary, challenging times but, music is one of the most powerful conveners of collective joy because sharing experiences builds a feeling of belonging. It's about overcoming our sense of disconnection and finding common humanity. 

“I needed to build something optimistic. My Buoys are joyful totems that metaphorically prevent you from sinking when we come together.” 

Kiki van Eijk, April 2022.

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