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Picture This: Dutch Design Week 2023

04 October 2023

Get ready for Dutch Design Week 2023 (DDW23)! We have a phenomenal and packed programme in store for you. We’ve compiled the list below to help get you started with the abundance of amazing options.

We look forward to welcoming you at DDW23. Visit our press page to see if you’re eligible for press accreditation and how to apply.

On a Mission

Designers are on a mission to offer tangible solutions to challenges. The biggest challenges happen on a global scale, but they need local solutions: from decorative solar panels to recycled wind farms and from calming interior designs to circular furniture. 

Based on current goings on in the design community and in society, we have distilled several missions. Each participating project and some exhibitions have been assigned to the mission they feel closest to. Curious to dive deeper into these missions? These projects will get you started:

Achieving our equal society

To achieve equality in society, we must (re)design systems and interactions that value everyone. Safety, inclusiveness and connection are key here.

Boosting our health & well-being

Designs that improve our quality of life and health – from the food we eat to healthcare and personal well-being.

Challenging our digital future

Explorations from virtual worlds to artificial intelligence and from global platforms to individual experiences.

Creating our living environment

Designing our living environment, mobility and the materials we use to create them goes hand-in-hand with shaping our quality of life.

Enabling our thriving planet

For a healthy planet, design must enhance the power of nature, or at the very least not stand in its way.

World Design Embassies

Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building

With 'Possible Landscapes', the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building explores a new green, regenerative economy. From land to structure, from crop to industry and from ideal to financially fair value system, what will the chain look like in the future?

Check out the Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building at DDW23 →

Embassy of Food

Our food chain is in need of change: From improving biodiversity to the availability of healthy and nutritious food for all. This year's Embassy of Food focuses on 'The farm of the future'. If sustainability, animal welfare and health are the goals, what would that farm look like?

Check out the Embassy of Food at DDW23 →

Embassy of Health

Health may be our most valuable commodity. With 'Health as currency', Embassy of Health explores the (re)valuation of health. How can we put our health before the economy? And how do we make putting our health first accessible to the whole of society?

Check out Embassy of Health at DDW23 →

Embassy of Inclusive Society

Inclusiveness is more than a ‘problem’ that needs to be ‘solved’. The Embassy of Inclusive Society is about breaking patterns, about 'Learning and Unlearning'. Through a spatial experiment, you can train and strengthen your own inclusivity muscle and develop new, more inclusive habits. 

Check out the Embassy of Inclusive Society at DDW23

Embassy of Mobility

The Embassy of Mobility is about creating liveable cities collaboratively. People first! Starting from DDW as a living lab, the Embassy explores new proposals that make the transition towards cities for people tangible. 

Check out the Embassy of Mobility at DDW23 →

Embassy of Safety

Personnel shortages in the security domain, cohabitating with former prisoners, deciding how to use community service hours? Based on the theme 'Make Better', the Embassy of Safety shows examples and asks visitors to think and create. 

Check out the Embassy of Safety at DDW23

Embassy of Water

Picture this: Water purification integrated into architecture. Used water poured into nature, cleaner and more vital than before. With 'Water-based', the Embassy of Water explores the future of regenerative housing in practice. 

Check out the Embassy of Water at DDW23 →


Image © Eindhoven Central Station - DDW22 - Max Kneefel