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(Archive) The Watershed Moment

We are flooded and washed away by the inevitable reality that our ecosystem is collapsing. Can we turn that tide?

This project was part of DDW 2023
Natural coloring with tulip pigments — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

An overview of long-term research projects and methodologies aimed at upgrading organic materials and local production. Through Design Research, Tjeerd Veenhoven develops new value chains that enable sustainable consumption and contribute to the recovery of our ecosystem.

Long-term researches in upgrading organic materials and local production.

In his studio in Groningen, Tjeerd Veenhoven works on the development of sustainable value chains based on local organic materials. These are long-term projects and cover a wide variety of materials, techniques, sectors and products. At DDW2023, Tjeerd Veenhoven will present five research projects in various stages of development, with attention being paid to the material, the value chain, the stakeholders, the technology, the creative process, and the method of research.

The title of the exhibition is "The Watershed Moment" and refers to the moment when the dike breaks and the flooding becomes unstoppable. The title reflects the defeated feeling we all know as we are constantly confronted with the damage we are doing to our ecosystem. And perhaps the tide can no longer be turned, but we should certainly try, with lightning speed, a holistic vision, but also with a perhaps somewhat naive positivity.

In the exhibition, Tjeerd presents projects about peat moss, cattails, tulips, fungi and various other organic raw materials. Some outcomes are already on the market, others are speculative.

Building materials from Wetland Fibers — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Mycelium Pixel Printer — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Lisdodde Eerste Oogst — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Reed Sandwich Panel — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven