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Spiritus Ludi - Spirit of the Game in Esports

Smart sleeves foster social connection between e-sport players when gaming remotely.

Smart sleeves for e-sport teams

The two smart sleeve products enhance social connection of remote e-sport teams. Spiritus Ludi energises players using “digital high-fives”, while Ripple promotes calmness with synchronised breathing in a team using gentle touch. The development is done at Häme University of Applied Sciences.

What if we could share digital high fives within a remote team?

Spiritus Ludi is a smart sleeve for sharing encouraging touches in remote e-sport teams.

The best performing sports teams express more social touch gestures such as high fives, fist bumps, and taps than lower performing teams. In e-sports, even on a professional level, teams train and compete far from each other. Spiritus Ludi enables touch gestures in remote e-sport teams. It is a smart sleeve which sends and receives touches in real time. When a player taps the sleeve, it sends a touch message to all team members’ sleeves. The sleeve is connected to a mobile app which takes care of the touch communication between the players. Spiritus Ludi has been tested with several e-sport teams. It elevates connection and promotes positive emotions between players.

The parts of the product: Smart sleeves with flexible electronics, mobile app with wireless communication, and cloud service.

Imagine if we could enhance our team spirit by synchronising our breathing.

Ripple is a smart sleeve which guides an e-sport team to synchronous calm breathing by touch.

E-sports players often experience high stress levels, nervousness, anxiety, and excitement prior and during a match. These have a negative impact on team spirit and performance. Ripple is a smart short sleeve which assists using touch to calm breathing in a team. The sleeve gently strokes the arm of the player when it is turned on prior to or during the breaks of a game by the coach. When Ripple is on, the team breaths along with the stroking movement in a synchronous rhythm. This reduces stress levels, promotes a stronger connection between players, and improves co-operation and performance.

The parts of the product: Smart sleeves with flexible electronics, mobile app with wireless communication, and cloud service.

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