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Cloisonné Vase

This project was part of DDW 2023

YOCHIYA presents a series of vases created by combining cloisonné, a traditional craft that is gradually being lost and has deep connections to Japan and Holland, with the highly improvisational contemporary techniques of welding and hydroforming, at Piet Hein Eek.

Cloisonné Ware

Cloisonné ware is a craft in which a glassy glaze is applied to silver or copper, and fired.
Holland has been the only country with which trading has continued since Japan's period of national isolation (17th century-), and cloisonné ware crafts in Japan are said to have been deeply influenced by the cloisonné ware plates imported from Holland.

Sculpting like Drawing

The characteristics of cloisonné include traditional realistic representation and universal forms applied with glazes. However, unlike ceramics where abstract shapes and unique textures can be achieved by applying glazes of the same glassy nature, they are almost nonexistent. This is because the nature of metals and the finish of cloisonné glazes allow for the prediction of the final form even during the production process.
Therefore, YOCHIYA explored the untapped possibilities of cloisonné by combining improvisational and serendipitous modern techniques such as welding and hydraulic pressure, rather than relying solely on traditional techniques. Sculpting as if drawing, and embracing the accidental moments that arise, led to many fascinating discoveries.