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(Archive) FOLD

Product concepts and design experimentation from origami-based folded structures.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Folded materials are flexible and scalable in size — © Fold project

FOLD presents design experimentation, packaging, and interior design concepts utilizing origami-based folded structures. Lightweight and durable solutions aim to improve user experience and increase reuse of materials. These solutions are based on a research project led by VTT & Aalto University.

Research based project focuses on developing novel origami-based solutions for future consumers.

FOLD presents design experiments and product concepts utilizing folded structures. Origami-based folded materials enable three-dimensional lightweight and durable structures that can be modular and scaled to different sizes. This topic has been researched during the Fold project, which aims to find novel solutions suitable for industrial-scale production. The presented solutions consist of packaging and interior design concepts, as well as experiments with different folded structures, materials, and visually impressive pieces.

The exhibited product concepts are created with understanding the needs of future consumers. The proposed solutions and experiments aim to improve user experience, implement high level visual aesthetics, and increase reuse of materials while supporting sustainability goals of the EU green transition. Concepts and folded materials have been developed as part of the Fold project led by VTT and Aalto University in collaboration with partner companies.

Folded material applied in e-com packaging concept — © Fold project

Folds can be used in interior applications — © Fold project

Folded pattern wraps firmly around objects — © Fold project

Folded structures function as protective material — © Fold project