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(Archive) The Don Bosco Universe

Can a whole galaxy fit into a fantastical garage?

This project was part of DDW 2023
"Runway" 2022 — © Pablo Rego

A collective of 15 emerging designers and makers is organising an immersive exhibition in an old garage in the heart of Eindhoven which is now a working space with 5 ateliers. The space is transformed into a fantastical Universe through a mesmerising scenography and a series of events.

The Fantastical Universe

In the heart of Eindhoven, an old forgotten garage found its true calling, becoming the creative hub for artists and designers now known as "The Don Bosco Universe". What started as 5 small workshops has now evolved into an entire cosmos, the landscape of which is getting filled with new elements every day. Entangled into Blue Matter, a fantastical living room and a funky kitchen which house an entire ecosystem of handmade creations. There is also the Garden of the Moon which invites you to stop by at its fountain and make a wish.

During the week we will host 3 events, starting with the opening event on Monday 23rd, where we will host multiple performances. On Wednesday the 25th, a design market will take place. Finally, to close the week you can join us for a closing party on Saturday! Check the poster and instagram for times and info.

The Don Bosco Universe is the result of the artists' collective vision for their shared workspace, which they see as more than an old garage filled with tools and machines. It is a place where their hearts grow bigger from the joys they share, and their minds intertwine, intoxicated by the poisonous dust of inspiration.

A new generation of creatives

As a vibrant collective of designers, we invite the world to witness our surreal world of obscure and radical creations and to experience the magic of collaboration. By opening our doors to the public we aim to inspire a new generation of creatives, by sharing not only our work and vision, but also the joy and power of working together in the boundless realm of imagination.

Poster Don Bosco Universe