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Crafting from Scraps: The Art of Tufted Creations in Doucette's Collection

Doucette Collection — © Léo Nunes Almeida and Samia Hilal

Doucette is a collection of domestic objects created using artisanal techniques and guided by ecological considerations towards the materials.

The beginning

This project started after we found this abandoned chair on the side of the road. We both agreed not to let it go to the trash, after making the pattern of the entire chair, we used leftover wool we had from past projects to stay in a circular optic. By doing this, we created this random pattern that is unique and comes like a second skin to cover this 'doucette' chair. Using the pattern of the chair, we made a rug that is the chair's skin.

And now

After completing the initial chair and rug, we proceeded to craft the remaining pieces in the collection, beginning with a side table and a stool. Employing salvaged materials this time, we ventured into crafting unique shapes that we never had made before. Our final piece is an armchair, artfully composed of reclaimed wood and leftover wool.

About Sameo

Collectif by Samia Hilal and Leo Nunes Almeida.
We design new objects, interior architecture and scenography. Our approach to materials is about sustainability by trying to reuse the most in a circular way, and combining this care with aesthetics.
Strijp T+R area, Piet Hein Eek, Halvemaanstraat 30 , Map No. A2
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Partially Wheelchair Accessible
Toilets available