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(Archive) Space Invaders

Architectural photography of abstract brutalist birdhouses and living garden birds

This project was part of DDW 2023
Robot Bird, 2023 — © Hans van Asch

Photographer Hans van Asch presents his new photo series Space Invaders in his studio. Live garden birds land in his backyard on self-made brutalist birdhouses. Bird's freedom versus abstract architectural forms give a dystopian character and raise questions about liveability.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is the title of my second major bird series. The title initially seems to refer to the birds that land in the displays outside in the garden. After all, they are the 'intruders' in the photo setups. But in reality, the photographer and the birds enter each other's space. It is a battle between the position of the (hidden) worm and the artistic intentions of the photographer. Bird's freedom versus the abstract architectural forms give the series a dystopian character and raise questions about livability.

Ist Friedrich zu Hause?, 2023 — © Hans van asch

Fine Art, 2023 — © Hans van Asch