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(Archive) Textile Innovation for people and planet

Various projects from Sustainable and functional textiles show that textiles as a framework can boost innovations for a better living environment

This project was part of DDW 2023
Army Poncho, RAAK Pro Texenergy prototype

The work of our research group is aimed to use textile innovation to improve the planet and the lives of people on it. As a team of researchers, technicians and designers we work together with companies, students, institutions and medical partners on amazing textile innovations.

The themes within our exhibition

Within the theme of sustainability we will present various prototypes of textiles with integrated flexible solar panels from the RAAK Pro Texenergy project, designed together with Avans, and high-tech and textiles companies Ten Cate, Thales, Teijin, Philips, Johan van den Acker, OICAM, Modint, Polyned, De Berkel and Mehler Texnologies.

Within the theme of safety we present textile prototypes with integrated circuits from the RAAK Pro project Hitex, for safety pathways, anti-theft use and shelter tents. These prototypes are developed together with partners Schmits Chemical Solutions, Tanatex, Mehler Texnologies, SPG Prints, Ten Cate Outdoor Fabrics, Luminis, Innovisser, Fontys, Thales, ItoM, Elitac, Artex and Modint.

Within the healthy theme we will present various projects such as a smart IV-sleeve for young patients to early detect iv damage, a stress sensor for patients who are not able to communicate if they are becoming stressed, angry or sad. We will also present a sock that is able to measure pressure around the foot for the prevention of ulcers and a Bra that can help prevent edema after breast surgery.

Stress sensor, IMDI Masque prototype

IV sleeve for kids, PIHC Achilles prototype