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(Archive) Making - 15 years

Celebrating 15 years of making.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Coral Vase — © Mint Gallery

This year Studio Jeroen Wand exists 15 years and shares this special moment with the DDW audience. At our studio we show our way of making in a retrospective of works. We reflect on our past designs, through adding new interpretations.

Making is finding a combination of material and technique

All products that surround us are created from combinations of material and technique. This is the process of making, like sawing wood or welding steel. Making has always been the key ingredient of Studio Jeroen Wand' designs. By conducting research into new combinations, interventions and experimental ways of making, the studio explores new forms and functions.

During the DDW we will show the outcome of 15 years of new ways of making, studies that have led to designs such as a paper chair and glazed constructions.

You are welcome to browse through our sample sale, consisting of our explorations.


During the DDW we open our studio and workspace, located in an old garage building, hidden behind a gasstation. Take a peek into our workshop and see how we work.

Studio Workshop — © Jeroen Wand

Plate in collaboration with Cor Unum — © Cor Unum