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Network Applied Design Research

Design Research Conversations: Applied Design Research in Experimental Learning and Innovation Environments

Kalle Wolters & Studio Ratata

Network Applied Design Research (NADR) presents the latest insights about the dilemma's involved in deploying applied design research in living labs and similar experimental learning and innovation environments. How can designers navigate the challenges that they face during this process?

Design Dilemma's

Experimental learning and innovation environments such as living labs, fieldlabs and urban innovation labs, are increasingly used to connect multi-stakeholders in envisioning, creating, experimenting, learning, and trying out novel responses to diverse societal challenges. What is the unique contribution that applied design research(ers) may play and take in such learning environments? And how can we deliver on that promise? What are the challenges and dilemmas that designers may face in their contributions to these environments? During the session we will present and discuss how to navigate the following dilemmas: Open or Closed? Safe-zone or Real-life? Physical or Virtual? Transformation or Evolution? Fixed or Fluid roles? Discipline or Indiscipline? Present versus Future Realities?

About Network Applied Design Research (NADR)

Network Applied Design Research (NADR) is the national platform for professorships (lectoraten) focused on applied design research. The unifying theme of NADR is the methodological approach of combining design and research, in any possible variation. Within NADR, applied design researchers from different knowledge areas collaborate across sector boundaries.