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(Archive) Spore Arcade

A take on Ruins and Regenerative landscapes

This project was part of DDW 2023
3D printed Mushroom holder — © Xaarchive Studio

Spore Arcade proposes a new take on decomposition and what we view as "waste" Many man-made structures dacay over time, and there's a lack of rationalization of this process: But what if we saw decay as a potential rather than a barrier?

A simple concept

Digitally and precisely-made designs, produced with natural and organic materials. This 3D-printed clay project reimagines how we deal with our surroundings and the potential of printed habitat for a more sustainable future.

It embodies the concept of blending artistry, functionality, and productivity through the realm of 3D printing with clay.

On display on this occasion we present a prototype of this imminent future: our team has meticulously crafted a unique creation: a 3D printed clay Mushroom holder, aimed at revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with diverse species within our homes. By leveraging algorithmic design and coding techniques, we have materialized this innovative piece.

This allows us to design a piece that is controlled through a set of variables, but that can be infinatelly iterated creating each time a one-of a kind piece that is as vast and variated as the fungi it will hold.

3D printed Mushroom holder — © Xaarchive Studio

3D printed Mushroom holder — © Xaarchive Studio