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(Archive) Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

If we want to build a sustainable world, we must consider the entire system.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Possible Landscapes — ©

The Embassy explores new perspectives for a sustainable living environment in collaboration with stakeholders and knowledge partners from the construction and agriculture sectors. Through storytelling and imagination, we involve experts and the general public in this research and its outcomes.

Possible Landscapes

A multi-year research into the regenerative, rural and urban landscapes of today and tomorrow. A program by Biobased Creations in which creatives work, per case, with local stakeholders and partners on new perspectives for a living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value.

Two programme lines will be presented in various locations over the coming years, including during Dutch Design Week (DDW) and other moments and places. This intentional exposure generates awareness and dialogue. We develop potential regenerative landscapes for rural and urban areas.

Rural and Urban

We present various Possible Landscapes programs at the Embassy. We will take you through the possibilities for a rewetted peat area in the Peel. We show the first steps of our research into the possibilities for high sandy soils in the Achterhoek. We will work on perspectives for a regenerative infrastructure. And we provide an insight into the Embassy's ambitions for the coming years, in which the regenerative city has a central place.

We show work by Urban Reef, Babel, Omlab, Studio Liselot Cobelens, Crush on Nature, Tjeerd Veenhoven and Studio Klarenbeek & Dros.

Building Balance

In addition, in collaboration with Building Balance, we show what Dutch biobased construction chains look like. Which crops can you grow in the Netherlands and which (building) materials can you make from them?