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(Archive) Tools & Crafts

As a tribute to the rich Dutch tradition of craftsmanship, Isola collaborates with a local woodworker to host the exhibition Tools & Crafts.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Tools & Crafts impression — © Anwyn Howarth

The show focuses on a new generation of artisans who combine traditional expertise with innovative and experimental techniques to create contemporary and collectible design pieces. Visitors can engage with the designers as they show the versatility of modern tools and techniques.

Tools & Crafts

From applying coding and 3D printing to glassblowing, casting, and molding techniques, the projects involved will show how design can cherish tradition and honor ancient and new techniques while fostering innovation.

The setup of Tools & Crafts will be developed in partnership with Eindhoven-based designer Pepijn Fabius Clovis, known for his hands-on approach. Next to the entrance of the exhibition space, he will recreate a janitor's office. On a stage with a workstation, part of the exhibition design conceived by Pepijn Fabius Clovis and one of Isola’s curators, Wisse Trooster, designers will have the opportunity to show their skills and craftsmanship to the visitors during live demonstrations. The exhibition stages and displays will be painted with plant-based paint provided by Fairf.

In addition to Isola’s exhibition, three other crafts-related shows by Social Label, woodworker Jan Gerritsen, and The Visionary Lab will animate Fuutlaan 12c.