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(Archive) Design Beyond Vision

Design Beyond Vision presents its research into a multi-sensory, playful installation that reveal Inclusive Design from a sense of touch and hearing.

This project was part of DDW 2023

The playful installation presents a storyline behind the Inclusive Design. By elaborating on the undervalued sensory and emotional part of the design drive, it reveals the basics of human needs in inclusive design, where surviving is the common goal—no matter the differences we have.

Design For All? Design For All Senses!

Within this objective, they developed the first version of an accessible presentation during Milan Design Week in April 2023. It was a multi-sensory and interactive presentation designed by Simon from a non-visual perspective. Visitors were invited to place a ball on a track that rolled down via gravity. The ball disappears from view, but the sound does not and eventually returns to the beginning. The ball was a metaphor for an idea that starts rolling around in your head.

They came up with an interactive presentation and a theatre setting.
Here (mainly abled body), visitors could feel products blindfolded. This form, in which wonder and curiosity played an important role, stimulated dialogue and
was an excellent way to discuss the importance of tactility in the design field

Design Beyond Vision (DBV) is a design and research project by Simon Dogger and Boey wang that wants to add value to design education. It encourages you to look further than what you can see. On the one hand, to make abled body students literary and figuratively feel more. On the other to counter the assumption that the visually impaired do not fit into the design field.

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