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Miniministerie van de toekomst

See eye to eye with your future self and decide on our common fate.

Miniministerie van de Toekomst - Future Generation — © College van Rijksadviseurs, Verveeld � Verward

Enter the Miniministry of the Future and meet our future generations. They will watch over you as you choose the path forward for the Netherlands. How will the Netherlands look in 02100?

What choices will you make, and what consequences do they have? Are you a Minister of the Future?

Meet your future

As candidate-minister you will meet your personal ally from a few generations down the line. Someone who will be born in the Netherlands around the year 02100. Who is it? What do they stand for?

Allow yourself time to get to know your future self, because once you set foot in the Miniministry of the Future, future generations will become part of you right now.

Decide on the faith of Dutch generations and become Minister of the Future

While future generations watch over your every move, you will have to make choices that affect millions of people. Which buttons do you press and what will be the consequence for the Netherlands in the year 02100?

The scenarios used in this project are based on the Ruimtelijke Verkenning 2023 by Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving.


College van Rijksadviseurs
World Design Embassies
Dutch Design Foundation
Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving

Verveeld � Verward
Hugo Nagtzaam
Interactive Matter

About College van Rijksadviseurs, Verveeld � Verward, Hugo Nagtzaam

Het College van Rijksadviseurs adviseert het Nederlandse Rijk over ruimtelijke vraagstukken en is initiatiefnemer van onder andere het Toekomstatelier NL 2100.

Om lange termijn denken te stimuleren - ofwel generatiedenken - bedachten ontwerpbureau's Verveeld � Verward en Hugo Nagtzaam het Miniministerie van de Toekomst en is dit in nauwe samenwerking met Interactive Matter uitgewerkt.
Miniministerie van de Toekomst — © College van Rijksadviseurs, Verveeld � Verward
Strijp-S area, Microlab Hall, Kastanjelaan 400 , Map No. 3
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
Toilets available