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(Archive) Internet Explorer

By climbing a digital mountain, the internet user tries to find satisfaction in the digital realm.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Still from the installation 'Internet Explorer'

Graphic designer Jurre Latour invites you on a digital hike up the mountain. By joining his digital expedition, the question is whether it is possible to find a sort of satisfaction within the digital realm, comparable to a 'true experience'.

About ‘Internet Explorer’

A computer chair in front of multiple screens playing a video of a digital hike up the mountain. (00:20:36)

The screens around us are just a fraction of the technology we use every day. They provide solutions for things that weren't a problem before. It made our lives much easier. We are looking for ways to do things with as little effort as possible. Comfortable and efficient, but without feeling fulfilled afterwards.

By digitally climbing up a mountain, the internet user tries to find satisfaction in the digital realm. While using little effort, he tries to recreate the experience of the highly straining activity that is mountain climbing.

The search for digital satisfaction

Technology seems like the obvious solution for most of our daily problems, such as communication, entertainment and obtaining information. But do we have a solution for bigger, more important questions? Questions like; ‘How will we find satisfaction in life?’ Now that we developed the habit of finding solutions in technology, the obvious answer will be; with technology.

The efficiency of technology is something that usually works in everyone's favor. But it cuts out a lot of factors that might add to the journey. When I myself was stuck in my digital habits while graduating, I decided to go and hike a mountain in Austria. With the intention of clearing my head and detoxing from my daily dose of technology I became aware of the smaller things around me. The complexity and serendipities along the way gave me joy. I started wondering if there is a way to integrate that joy I felt there in my digital habits at home. So I wondered if climbing that same mountain digitally, could recreate the feeling I experienced there.

Internet Explorer — © Jurre Latour

Still from the installation 'Internet Explorer'