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(Archive) Remembering by Feeling

An exploratory journey into the intricate dance between memory, tactile sensation, and the interplay of light.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Remembering by Feeling — © Man Pan Lau

I am always curious about the connection between the perceptual experience of touching and the awareness that emerges within our bodies. How do these experiences constitute memories and, moreover, shape our imagination and understanding of reality?

Touching the light

"Remembering by Feeling" is a light and textile sculpture installation. Waving and embodying optical fibers into textiles, the illumination installation responds to delicate changes in the viewer's body — temperature and movement, seemingly tracing the contour of memory and time.

Here, light is, therefore, a visualization of the momentary emotions, our inner states, which imitates the fleeting transience of our perception of emotions and feelings over time.

Textile and the lost memory of skin

Skin, a sentient organ, holds profound recollections, tracing the contours of memory and the ebb of time through the language of body temperature and the intimacy of touch. The use of soft textiles is, therefore, a deliberate choice serving as a poignant metaphor, reminiscent of skin—the intricate vessel of perception and remembrance.

The fabric sculptures are an embodiment of tactile record, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a multisensory journey that transcends the realms of imagination and connects deeply with the essence of feeling and remembering. The twisted and crumpled texture symbolizes the metamorphosis within us as we navigate over time.

The poetics of touch

With an embrace of light and materiality, the installation initiates a dialogue with the viewers. As viewers interact with it, the fabrics respond to their touches, fostering a profound connection between physical and emotional. The gentle play of light on the skin enhances the interplay between bodily memory and sensory stimuli, thereby reinforcing memory formation and the perception of reality.

As engagement with the sculptures begins, the soft textiles respond to touches, creating a symphony of sensations that underpins the memory and the perception of reality. Within this tactile encounter, the touch of light upon the skin orchestrates a harmonious fusion of the physical and emotional, inviting exploration into the nuances of remembrance and imagination.