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Research to Reconnect

Researching and designing for a future proof everyday

Patella Crescenda - fresh microgreens all year — © Masha Bakker photography

House of Thol creates functional products that make green living easier.
These are the tangible results of thorough research and material experiments.
This DDW we showcase the difference between the House of Thol Brand and Studio, paving the way for future collaborative research projects.

Researching to design a greener everyday

The starting point for each new House of Thol product is an everyday challenge: ‘How can we waste less food?’; ‘How can we successfully grow our own greens?’; Or ‘How do we keep our plants alive?’

We thoroughly research, hoard information from all angles, and experiment hands-on with sustainable materials and techniques.
We love this phase, diving into it head first, seeing where our curiosity leads us, and building a web of knowledge. Not only looking into How things are made, but also remaining conscious about Why they should be made.

Often, we only showcase the final result: the House of Thol Brand product in its finished packaging, ready for the store.
We aim to take you into our curiosity this Dutch Design Week and showcase House of Thol Studio as a partner for research projects into a green tomorrow.

About House of Thol

House of Thol creates eco-conscious, problem-solving products that make life greener and easier.

Designers Thomas Linssen and Jana Flohr:
We are curious, research-loving designers with a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Our contemporary low-tech designs are aimed at reconnecting the modern every day with the natural world we are a part of.
Future-proof design, inspired by the knowledge of generations.

Patella Crescenda - fresh microgreens all year — © Gaav Content

Patera Magna - keep fruit & veg fresh for longer — © Masha Bakker photography

Helios growthdisk — © Gaav content

Waterworks - natural watering system