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Small thoughts expand into big gestures in these large scale installations that emit light and enhance the space’s acoustics.

Ellipt #007 — © Bracket Studio

Ellipt — a range of fantastical light installations — establishes a relationship with the space it inhabits. The light installation alters the sensory perception of a space and invites viewers to perceive the space differently.

Ellipt #007

After many experiments in Schepers developed the 3D shapes from a flat surface with minimum use of material and without any cutting waste. The series is made with 100% natural Dutch felt (of Holland Wol Collectief) and by attributing an industrial cutting technique the sheets of felt become wonderous 3D shapes.
In addition to Ellipt’s visual appeal, the choice for felt makes the installations durable and the material and open shape give the objects sound-dampening qualities. As such, the installations are ideal for large spaces that need acoustic treatment.

About Grietje Schepers

Since her graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008, Schepers set up her independent design practice. She creates large scale interior-defining installations from her studio in Eindhoven. Expanding simple concepts into big gestures, Schepers is not afraid to take on a large space. This is strengthened by her experiments with proportion and scale. With ease in making a space feel informal and light, her architectural installations create impact with an interplay of colour and spaciousness.

Ellipt #003 — © Floor Knaapen

Ellipt #004 — © Ronald Smits

Centre area, Kazerne – Home of Design, Paradijslaan 2-8 , Map No. F7
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