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(Archive) Spiraal Fyllotaxis Lampen en Interieurobjecten

Lamps and interior objects based on the botany-inspired Fibonacci pattern, created using algorithmic design and digital manufacturing techniques

This project was part of DDW 2023
Baguio Table lamps Ø 35-28-21 cm — © Bastiaan Luijk

The fascinating beauty of the spiral phyllotaxis pattern can be seen in sunflowers and pinecones. Harmonious properties of this pattern have been unraveled with mathematical precision: Fibonacci sequence, symmetry, and the golden ratio are the building blocks for lamp designs and interior objects.

Visual language of nature

Spiral phyllotaxis is a recurring theme in the work of STUDIO BL - Bastiaan Luijk. Phyllotaxis is a scientific word used in botany to describe the arrangement of leaves around an axis or stem. Spiral phyllotaxis can be seen as a pattern in the heads of sunflowers, among other things. This pattern can be constructed with a mathematical formula, as proposed by Helmut Vogel in 'A better way to construct the sunflower head' in 1979. This formula describes the pattern in a flat plane (2D) and is used for the wall lamp design and ornaments. STUDIO BL has developed a method and algorithm making it possible to construct the spiral phyllotaxis pattern as a spatial structure for 3D designs. The studio creates these nature-inspired designs to share their fascination: to emphasize the beauty of nature, bringing it closer and appreciating it in new ways.

Collaboration projects: Coral Knob | NOVY SKOK | Heatfun Baguio

Coral Knob
For the Anniversary of 30 years Mariëtte Wolbert Textiles, she created 100 exclusive kitchen sets with the Coral theme. Studio BL - Bastiaan Luijk was asked to design and make a coral knob exclusively for this special kitchen set. Inspired by this theme, Bastiaan developed a new concept for a Coral lamp, based on his spiral phyllotaxis algorithm.

Decades of artisan wood craftsmanship combined with algorithmic design and digital manufacturing. Dutch designers Frida van der Poel and Bastiaan Luijk reinvented the SKOK stool, originally designed by Frida in 1994. The NOVÝ SKOK series explores new combinations of materials, colors and function.

Heatfun Baguio
Designer-maker Bastiaan Luijk and interior architect Karel Bodegom have embarked on a collaboration based on remarkable technology with special features. How can we make heat visible when the flame is extinguished? How do we show that the heat emitter is on? An all-black heat plate from the Heatfun Collection and a custom-made Baguio table lamp. A statement for Heat (and) Enthousiasts.

Our curated artisan exhibition in Atelier Houtwerff Sectie-C

After a successful first joint exhibition in 2022, textile designer Mariëtte Wolbert, furniture designer and maker Frida van der Poel, and designer-maker Bastiaan Luijk are showcasing their collaborative projects and individual work this year, combined with a fantastic mix of craftsmanship from interior architect Karel Bodegom, 3D paper artists Khalid and Rachid Zerrou, and blacksmith-artist Annelied van Dijk.

Atelier Houtwerff
Daalakkersweg 4-26, 5641 JA Eindhoven

Sa 21 t/m Su 29 October
11:00 - 18:00 h

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NOVY SKOK - Phi en Clara — © Bastiaan Luijk & Frida van der Poel

Coral Knob — © Bastiaan Luijk & Mariëtte Wolbert

Portrait Bastiaan Luijk with Baguio Lamp — © Merlijn Hooijsma

Narbonne Wall Panel Lamp — © Bastiaan Luijk