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(Archive) Monuments

Design autodidact Daniel Heilig feels close to architecture autodidacts like Tadao Ando. His fascination for iconic architecture flows into MONUMENTS.

This project was part of DDW 2023
MONUMENTS collectible design pieces — © Photographed by Markus Burke

MONUMENTS quotes iconic architecture. Designer Daniel Heilig transposes great architecture into interior design. He creates furniture sculptures that play with analogies between architecture and furniture design and breathe traditional craftsmanship.

Inspirations & influences

MONUMENTS stands for a refreshingly non-conformist body of work with exceptional conceptual reference and significant furniture creations that are palpably inspired by intercultural architectural epochs and craftsmanship. Daniel Heilig boldly transfers stylistic elements, building details and volumes from representative, monumental, sacred or contemporary architecture, and historical craftsmanship into modern furniture sculptures. The PAGODE NAGURI stool, for example, refers formally to pagoda architecture, while its wooden pattern quotes the ancient Japanese art of Naguri. The window cross in the Church of Light by Tadao Ando flows into the OHUS seating furniture, which is radically reduced to a steel cross and wooden board. The minimalist wooden body of the PONTI side table translates the historic Porta Nolana city gate in Naples. The revolutionary stool HAPPENS is inspired by chance and plays formally with the concept of the tilted twin towers Puerta de Europa in Madrid.

Rediscovering traditional wood craftsmanship

Daniel Heilig is fascinated by traditional wood craftsmanship. With MONUMENTS, he integrates the art of coopers, boat builders or carpenters. The furniture is exquisitely handcrafted by the designer in his own studio in Germany.

MONUMENTS stands for Collectible Design pieces

MONUMENTS stands for signed unique pieces, small series, limited editions and collectible pieces with soul, aesthetic poetry and authentic history. Created for the lifestyle and mindset of modern nomads and individualists who love contemplative design oases, minimalist everyday furniture and atmospheric interior design. DDW visitors will experience 10 MONUMENTS objects visually, haptically and atmospherically. Accompanied by object documentations, craft making-ofs and material explorations. Each piece of furniture comes with a flyer to take home. QR codes lead to the designer website. Daniel Heilig is at the stand.

MONUMENTS collectible design pieces — © Photographed by Markus Burke

ZEHNFINGER and ARC-4 stool of the MONUMENTS series — © Photographed by Markus Burke

PONTI Coffee Table as part of the MONUMENTS series