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(Archive) Bad to the herringbone

Fashion inspired by the 30s and 40s

This project was part of DDW 2023
Ike jacket, 100% wool tweed — © Sunny van Zijst

'Bad to the herringbone' is the new collection of women's and men's clothing from On the Sunny Side. This small label was born from a personal passion with the style and music of the early last century, but designed for the present time through sustainable materials and responsible pproduction

Vintage lifestyle

There is a new subculture going on, that of lifestyle based on well-made products rooted in the past. Sunny van Zijst's clothing fits right into this movement. As with any lifestyle, there are differences in how far it is carried through, some live completely like the past right down to the Bakelite light switch, for others it is intersections of interests such as dance, music, and clothing. "In my designs, on the one hand, I try to capture the essence of some iconic garments: the ultimate band pleated trousers, waistcoat or jacket, the extremely elegant silhouette of the era, and the use of beautiful sturdy woolen fabrics. On the other hand, we live now and I often do use a fabric with a more modern colour or print. But one that has its basis in tradition. The beauty of menswear is that it is always a continuation of the classic. The women's clothes I make are then a variation on that, but also based on the iconic menswear of the time.'

It don't mean a thing

Swing is important. Indispensable even. Not only in music but also in my designs. Can you swing visually? In my opinion, yes. That is when something is just not right, when not everything about a garment is 'beautiful'. There has to be something about it, something ugly about it. Only then does it become exciting. It could be a button, a fabric that I turn around because I like the back better, just a collar that's too big. Something that only pleases quickly becomes tedious and boring.

Tweed Revolution

Is the name of my studio in section C. Besides working on my collection, I use the space every week for the Tailoring Café. I help students create their own pieces. This can be classic tailoring, but also a summer dress or a theatre costume. My aim is to provide a fun afternoon and bring people together. I hope this can develop further in the future.

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Trousers and waistcoat in 1005 wool flannel — © Sunny van Zijst

Polo shirt 'preppy' in 3D bio cotton jersey — © Sunny van Zijst

Breeches in red wool tweed — © Sunny van Zijst

Ike jacket in cotton canvas — © Sunny van Zijst