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(Archive) Terra Firma

Edible Table Landscape

This project was part of DDW 2023
Terra Firma — © Alana Proosa

Terra Firma and Mound Collection engage visitors in dialogues around sustainable choices in food and design, offering a multi-layered experience that intersects art and environmental mindfulness.

Mindful Eating

Terra Firma is an Edible Table Landscape that acts as a platform for exploring the relationship between food and the environment by showcasing sustainable practices and encouraging conscious consumption. A sharing plate, a serving vessel, and a topographic surface, Terra Firma encourages mindful eating and fosters a stronger connection with the food we consume.

A project by Estonian-based design and experience studio Heiter X, Terra Firma merges the studio’s passion for food, sustainability, and experiential design.

Integrating food production and waste into the table’s surface, Terra Firma provides a unique and immersive dining experience. It enables guests to connect with their food in a deeper and more meaningful way. People are invited to slow down, to touch, smell, and taste the ingredients with their full attention. Highlighting the impact of our food choices on the environment, Terra Firma is a platform to spark conversation and inspire change in the way we think about and interact with food.

Sustainable Materials

The Terra Firma table is made from a combination of natural and repurposed materials, including raw clay, natural carnauba wax, and biomass. Materials are carefully selected and seek to promote environmentally responsible practices. The table’s surface is designed to grow plants: a living, breathing entity, it is an organic system that presents a continuous cycle of growth, consumption, and transformation.

The Terra Firma installation is simultaneously complete and incomplete. It is complete insofar as it represents a culmination of past efforts and is a physical manifestation of those efforts. It is incomplete because it exists in a state of perpetual potentiality, one that can be added to, modified, and expanded upon in some way. The imperfections and unfinished aspects of the installation are an integral part of its nature: they reflect the ongoing process of exploration, experimentation, and discovery.

Mound Collection

Alongside this, the exhibition features a series of sculptural serveware, the Mound Collection, crafted from an array of sustainable and repurposed materials, as well as food waste. Drawing inspiration from the ever-present mounds of waste, the Mound Collection incorporates materials such as hemp, clay, lime, plaster, buckwheat husks, macadamia nut shells, and other remnants, including those from the construction of Heiter X's previous installation 'Terra Firma,' as well as from food waste generated by events where the installation was showcased. Each item in the collection is unique, handcrafted with distinctive attributes and inherent imperfections.

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Terra Firma — © Alana Proosa

Terra Firma — © Carmel Köster

Mound Collection — © Kevin Loigu

Mound Collection — © Kevin Loigu