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Eye Candy

Introducing the latest collection "Splitted". In collaboration with, the collection is unveiled through an engaging experience.

Splitted dining chair and stool

Attendees start their exploration of the new work through small windows. Following these brief glimpses, visitors enter the exhibition and immerse themselves in the new collection. Driven by a strong creative impulse, aiming to showcase a series of functional artworks within this latest collection.

Functional artworks

New works by Teun Zwets

About X Teun Zwets

Teun Zwets' creations are hands-on craftsmanship, reflecting a practical mindset. He's not one to overanalyze or complicate matters. Instead, he discovers the viability of his ideas through action. He frequently utilizes discarded materials, transforming the beauty of what others consider trash into something remarkable.
Strijp T+R area,, Halvemaanstraat 20 , Map No. A6
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
Wifi available
Dogs allowed
Toilets available