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(Archive) Peltchair

Sit down, relax and power the world of the future

This project was part of DDW 2023
Peltchair — © Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal

The call for climate action echoes louder than ever before. Gather your strength, for within each of us lies the potential to produce power. Power unleashed by, in stillness, sitting on the Peltchair that harnesses the warmth within you to light up the chair and brighten our future.

The Peltchair's power

Crafted from copper and aluminium in a nature inspired structure, the Peltchair blends beauty and function to produce power with the body heat of its occupant. As you sit, warmth flows through the chair, making it gently light up. The greater this flow, the brighter the Peltchair will glow.

Though, act swiftly, since the warmth flow depends on the temperature difference between your body and the surrounding air. With Earth’s rising temperature, the Peltchair’s glow will fade, reminding us about our urgent role in the climate crisis. Therefore, take a seat on the Peltchair and reflect on how we can truly contribute to this problem. Hopefully its fading organic glow will help ignite a luminous idea, so together we can shape a better tomorrow.

Glowing aluminium base Peltchair — © Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal

Glowing Peltchair — © Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal

Aluminium structure detail Peltchair — © Studio Synergy & Lilian van Daal