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(Archive) Travelers collection

A sustainable yet inevitably contaminated project.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Each lamp glows with a unique and authentic light — © Ronald Smits Photograpy

This projects are the result of the contamination of multiple experiences and cultures.
They range over time and territories, from Mediterranean countries to the Nordic culture of Dutch travellers, traders and explorers.

Renewal of the traditional process of creation

The products are articulated in a composite plurality of materials, techniques that refer to tradition but with a renewed and current drive towards innovation. The set of techniques and materials refer to a principle of sustainability typical of a circular system.

Portrait with extrusions — © Britt Roelse Photography

Sandra Table lamp L25x V50 x H62 cm — © Ronald Smits Photography

Giorgio table lamp L40 x V72 x H94 cm — © Ronald Smits Photography

Rattan Weaved Detail