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How pain transforms into textile design

This project was part of DDW 2023
Living in pain

The textile designer Laura Dieckwisch explores in her master‘s degree collection the possibilities of navigating the design process from physical limitations.
On view is a collection of knitted, three-dimensional fabrics created in collaboration with the TextielMuseum Tilburg.

From pain to fabric

The textile designer Laura Dieckwisch presents her graduation project from University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Her fabric collection explores the theme of migraine, a prevalent neurological disorder causing severe pain, by utilizing design as a medium for discussion. Laura Dieckwisch incorporates her own chronic migraine into an intuitive design process by allowing the pain to have a significant impact on the design. As a result the fabric transcends its traditional role, metamorphosing into an object, a space, and a companion.
Throughout her work the designer intricately weaves the tensions between touching and being touched. Her aspiration is to conceive textiles that kindle a desire for physical contact and emotional closeness. Her fabrics strive not only to be visually captivating but also to offer a singularly tactile and sensory experience. Emphasizing durability, these meticulously crafted fabrics are intended to be enduring companions, accompanying their owners throughout the passage of lifetime.

Threedemensional fabric collection I

From pain to fabric

Knitted jaquard — © Laura Dieckwisch

Threedemensional fabric collection II