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(Archive) PIANI - circular, light, convertible

PIANI is a clearly designed storage space, sustainable and made for the future in circularity.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Gerrit Kuhn - parts of PIANI — © Katharina Bohm

BFGF Design Studios developed a shelf system made of mono-materials that does not require the usual panel materials. PIANI is made of solid wood and designed to easily dis- and reassemble. The countless customization options with circular designed inserts ensure long-term, even timeless use.


The shelf system is made entirely of untreated ash wood, except for the easily removable metal feet. Since solid wood is a valuable resource, thin yet extremely sturdy slats are deliberately incorporated. Due to the well thought-out plug-in system, the shelf manages without a single screw.


Easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as to transport, the shelf also impresses with its delicate and shapely appearance and easy handling with a very good stability.


The changeability lies in the clear separation of frame and inserts. The inserts, in turn, can be easily exchanged according to the respective life situation. In just a few steps, the bookcase becomes a kitchen shelf or a sideboard and is thus durable and open for all individual uses.

Prototyps of PIANI — © Katharina Bohm

PIANI Typ S-3E / BUNGALOW — © Katharina Bohm

PIANI Typ SMS-3E / PALAZZO — © Katharina Bohm

PIANI Typ S-6E / TORRE — © Katharina Bohm