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(Archive) Tour de Contr么le

A new way of experiencing sound using light and space.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Tour de Contr么le 鈥 漏 Lucien Nicou

Tour de Contr么le is an instrument to experiment sound, light and space in live performances.
For the Dutch Design Week 2023, sound artists are invited to perform at a nine-day event which will explore the Tour de Contr么le diverse possibilities.


Tour de Contr么le (Control Tower) is an instrument, object, installation, sculpture that allow new ways of experiencing sound, using spatialization and visual translation. This control unit allows recording, slicing and modifying sound which is played through an 8-channel speaker-system. LED stroboscopes and tungsten lights translate the sound in real time as it travels through a space.

The large control unit made from stainless steel and birch wood features 8 audio inputs, 10 audio outputs, protocol ports (MIDI, DMX, USB, RJ45), an audio interface, a computer and a touchscreen. Its custom designed software can be operated using two MIDI controllers regrouping a total of 170 sensors (mechanical switches, faders and potentiometers) all held by two custom PCBs.

Sound Research Residency - DDW 2023

Tour de Contr么le has been designed as a flexible system to be operated by musicians; the reveal and presentation of the project will take place during a week-long residency of live experimentations and performances at DDW23.

Each day will host a new artist or collective. Each of them will have the day to test, experiment, create and perform on the Tour de Contr么le. Resident in-situ will be Lucien Nicou, the designer, developer and constructor of the Tour de Contr么le. He will act as a guide and collaborator to the array of different artists taking part in the exhibit.

The curation of different musician and collectives working in the sonic realm unlock and showcase the console鈥檚 diverse audio-visual-spatial possibilities.


TimeTable / Day

During the opening hours of the exhibit, public is welcome to come in, listen and experience the sound experimentations unfolding in the space. Please stay quiet during the performative moments.

11:00 - 14:00 : Opening to public + Standalone / Public participation.
14:00 - 19:00 : Artist experimentation + Meet the designer.
20:00 - 21:30 : Artist performance - Book your free ticket on

Week Program

21/10 - Boris Nicou
22/10 - Anni N枚ps, Casimir
23/10 - Flavien Berger
24/10 - O茂 les Ox
25/10 - Jespfur , Fallwood, Paula
26/10 - Max Frimout
27/10 - Elie Zylberman
28/10 - Sebastien Robert
29/10 - Lucien Nicou

Detailed program and tickets on :

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Tour de Contr么le 鈥 漏 Lucien Nicou

Tour de Contr么le 鈥 漏 Lucien Nicou