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(Archive) Intelligentie Ontleed

Waag Futurelab broadens your perspective on intelligence: what our artificial and natural intelligences are and why we need all of them.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Waag, 2023

Step into the Futuredome and get amazed by intelligence. Whilst we are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution, Waag Futurelab's technology dissectors ask the question: how smart is AI really? Come and experience what other intelligences we need to collectively shape our future.

Is AI really that smart?

We are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution. It’s being said that AI is better than humans at anything and therefore, it poses an existential threat. Waag Futurelab's technology dissectors took these assumptions and went to work with them. Is AI really that smart after all?

'Computers are perfectly suited for pattern recognition in large amounts of data, but not for decision-making processes and deliberations that determine people's lives. For this, we are in need of other forms of intelligence,' as Waag director Marleen Stikker wrote in De Groene Amsterdammer this summer.

Step into the Future Dome and discover Other Intelligence. From natural to collective to physical intelligence: in this exhibition, we will broaden your perspective on what intelligence is and why we need all kinds of intelligence for the future. Every day, Waag experts, artists and speakers delve into one specific form of intelligence during mini-lectures in the dome.

'We have started to think like computers ourselves, and we are starting to lose sight of things that cannot be calculated,' said artist-philosopher James Bridle during his State of the Internet lecture at Waag. Time for a new understanding of intelligence!