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(Archive) Plugged Happiness

This project was part of DDW 2023

Hyukjoon Choi's "Plugged Happiness" at Hal G, Sectie-C, confronts society’s perpetual positivity pursuit through art and design. By weaving visual aesthetics with social commentary, Choi encourages dialogue on the notion of well-being.

Plugged Happiness

'Just do it', delves deep into the societal obsession with relentless positivity. This project thoughtfully challenges the prevailing notion that unwavering cheerfulness is the ultimate aspiration.

While fostering a positive mindset can enhance productivity and enable remarkable achievements, it can also inadvertently burden us with the fear of failure and the relentless pursuit of success. By emphasizing only positivity, society places immense pressure on individuals to mask their struggles and challenges. This project invites us to contemplate the hidden costs of this relentless positivity and reevaluate our relationship with well-being.