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(Archive) 3Phase House, a Project of Sustainable Re-Homing

Purposeful place-making and collective empowerment through design.

This project was part of DDW 2023
3Phase House_ Axonometric Study 1

This rural Armenia family dwelling design is aligned with a government initiative for development outside the capital. Strategized in 3 phases due to the loan disbursement, the design aims to invigorate surroundings as it emerges from the land, fostering harmony between occupants and ecosystem.

Re-Homing Brief

An Armenian family residing in Lebanon asked us to design their new home on a modest and derelict agricultural plot in Armenia as a re-homing project. The plot is located in a small town, 30mins away from the capital. The project falls under a government initiative that offers construction loans to promote development outside of the capital Yerevan, addressing rising real estate costs and urban density in the city centre.
The retired couple sought an affordable multi-generational home, prioritizing practicality and functionality. Bringing the land back to life and harvesting it was a significant aspect of the project brief, as the client anticipated moving onto the property to plant food.

3Phase House

Due to the phased distribution of the government loan and the limited budget, we strategically designed the house to be built in 3 distinct chapters, hence its name, 3-Phase House. The objective was to ensure that the house is functional and livable at each stage of the construction process, with the house telling its construction story both in materiality and spatial arrangement.
As the house grows out of the land, the land in itself is re-infused with life.

The Design Process of a Project of Sustainable re-Homing

The design approach prioritizes sensitivity, kindness, and attentiveness to the site and future occupants, maximizing the humane and environmental potential of architecture. With the user experience as the focal point, this project strives to provide a spacious, comfortable, caring environment, extending generosity to both users and the surrounding ecosystem.
This presentation showcases the ongoing design process of the house, which began 2 years ago. The goal is to share the journey of designing this house: a process of purposeful place-making, and lasting, collective empowerment through design.

3Phase House_ Rendering

3Phase House_ Axonometric Study 2

3Phase House_ Axonometric Study 3