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(Archive) GameChangers

Game Changers is an interactive exhibition that allows you to experience in what ways game technology can make a positive contribution to our future.

This project was part of DDW 2023
The Virtual Museum — © Enversed Studios

Our world is changing rapidly, and so are the possibilities of game technology. Games now offer us much more than just entertainment and are becoming part of our daily lives. Game Changers shows you a positive future shaped by the power of games.

Game Changers - Playful Innovation

Enversed will organize an interactive expo that allows people to explore and engage with the possibilities of immersive gaming. The expo will showcase the different ways in which gaming technology enables us to change the ways that people can learn, connect and interact.

The exhibition will allow people to experience various interactive installation along with live demos and themed workshops. This will include virtual training courses, time machine experiences and virtual scenarios in which you can interact with digital characters. Next to that, we'll also show experiences like 'The Factory of the Future' in which businesses can simulate their digital transformation in an interactive workshop.

As a tie-in, we will be working together with the Embassy of Mobility to organize meetings, lectures and in-depth presentations.

Virtual Characters — © Epic Games

Business Simulation Games — © Enversed Studios

Interactive Installations — © Enversed Studios

Training with Virtual Reality — © Enversed Studios