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(Archive) The New Old, Objects for use.

Re-establishing the connection between an object and its user. Shining light on deprecated heritage by creating new objects for use.

This project was part of DDW 2023

In the present era, we often disconnect from the objects and implements that surround us. Amidst the rapid pace of life and the industrially driven world we inhabit, we inadvertently overlook the artistry, the knowledge of materials, and the heritage woven into our everyday objects.

An homage to craftsmanship and tradition.

The exhibition serves as a heartfelt tribute to the art of craftsmanship and the rich legacy it carries. Four designers and artisans, deeply connected to the essence of the workshop, employ a fusion of conventional and innovative techniques to forge objects intended for practical use. The diverse methodologies embraced by each creator result in an intriguing assortment of pieces that converge within this exhibition's realm.

Within the walls of their studio they nurture their living and working environment. They are diving into heritage and aim to translate its old qualities into new objects and tools by making use of traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Open studio and exhibition.

As a collaborative group of 4 they organize an Open Studio and presenting the exhibition: ‘The new old: Objects for Use’. Through this exhibition, the group aims to cast a spotlight on narratives that have faded into obscurity, with the ultimate goal of greater comprehension and a more profound bond with our possessions. By doing so, they aspire to enhance the experiences of those who engage with these objects, resulting in richer interactions for their users. The exhibition showcases a varied mix of functional pieces, including knives, footwear, furniture, and even an ingenious furnace unit that delves into the art of cooking over an open flame.


The collective is composed of the minds of: Tom Schoonhoven, Ben van Kemenade, Ruben Warnshuis, and Vasco Verissimo. Their combined body of work consists of a wide array of materials, ranging from wood, steel, and stone to textiles and more. Brought together by their shared passion for time-honored craftsmanship and an unwavering fascination with methods, they have joined forces with a common purpose.

The backdrop for this exposition is none other than the creators' own workshop, aptly named "Verkstan." The workshop consists of two areas: a common workshop for machinery and a space where each of the makers has their dedicated spot within which they express their unique perspectives and crafting techniques.